Termite Repairs and Structural Components

New build, Maintaining or replacing any structural timber or components of your investment can often be invasive. We will always try the simplest and most cost effective course of action first.


We replace any structural members with the most appropriate materials, Beams, Posts, bearers, Joists, Lintels, wall plates, sole plates and complete structures in timber, Steel or Concrete. In all areas of the property in Floors, Walls, Ceiling Areas and sub floors. In all cases a structural engineer’s certificate will be provided to confirm all works carried out conforms to Australia Standards relevant to works carried out.


Often Termites will go undetected in causing damage to your property in areas not frequented in daily use of your home. Water damaged timbers will release carbon dioxide which is a pheromone to Termites in the area.


We will after the termites are neutralized replace any & all structurally compromised timbers and leave your home structurally sound and with safe guards in place that will protect in the future from future attack.


We also use the same principles if you have had water or fire damage.

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