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Please find below our answers to some questions frequently asked of us. You may want to ask others these questions too!  

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our cover for public liability is $20 million & 20 million for products liability and for contracts over & 20 k we have home warranty eligibility.  

What are the payment terms?

A deposit reserves your place on our work planner. As per the contract, your work can be divided into detailed stages as work proceeds and you can make your investments accordingly.  

Is your money safe?

Yes. As we continue to offer progress payments to help you with your cash flow and ensure we can always carefully manage ours. You will not pay for labor or materials that have not been carried out on your project.   

Do you have a contract?

As a licensed Builder with  'The Office Of Fair Trading' it is compulsory to have a contract for projects of Labor and materials over $1000, There are $ 1- $ 5 k , over $ 5 k contracts and we also work on Cost Plus contracts, A consumer Building Guide will also accompany contracts over $ 5 k.  

Advanced Craft Construction, Guarantees

Our Guarantees are structural components are 6 years and non-structural components are 2 years to all works and materials supplied by us.  

Are you the cheapest?

We aim to be very competitive; however, we are continually striving to provide the highest levels of service and workmanship using quality materials. Cheaper estimates are usually so because they contain cheaper materials & less skilled labor.  Our quality workmanship on your project will provide you with a return on your investment when you revalue your property to sell or release equity and low long term running costs. 

Can we see other jobs and speak to other customers?

You can view a gallery of client’s projects on our website at www.advancedcraftcarpentry.com.  


  We can arrange for you to speak with our previous clients with similar projects to yours.  

How far in advance are you booked?

We do not take on more work than we can carry out efficiently at any one time, so that you will see steady progress when we are on your job. With this in mind we look to book new projects in 1 to 6 months from date of acceptance.

How long will it take for me to get my Quote?

We aim to provide you with your schedule of work within a week or two of meeting with you to discuss the project and measure up.  Larger and more complex projects may take longer so we call you at regular intervals to update you on progress. 

How long will my job take?

Whilst this depends on the size and complexity of the project, we will always work with you to provide a schedule of work that matches your timeframes. We always strive to finish on time and keep you informed every step of the way. 

Will somebody be here every day?

Depending on your schedule of work and associated materials deliveries the number of team members that are with you may vary.  On some days it may be that we have several people on your job, and on others that no team member is with you. We try to keep you informed of who is coming and when so that you can plan ahead.

You can trust us.

Our team and subcontractors have worked with us for many years and understand that we insist that they treat you and your home with the upmost respect and always remember that it is your home, not a building site, which they are working on.  

How will your team behave?

We will not play loud radios, shout, swear or smoke in your home. We will cover up floors and furniture and vacuum at the end of the task.

How do you monitor quality?

Our team is very quality conscious and continually appraises their work whilst working closely with certifiers, architects and engineers. Advanced Craft Carpentry/Construction Directors regularly inspects projects as work progresses.

We keep you safe.

We keep you safe by keeping a tidy working environment and removing any potential hazards in advance. 

Will you look after our house and security?

 Yes. We make sure that your home is locked and fixed securely when we are not around. 

Do you clear up and remove all you rubbish?

We regularly clear away any accumulated rubbish and vacuum up each evening before we leave your home. 

What do we do if we have an issue with anything?

We are happy to talk through any issues that may arise throughout the project and sort them out with you. We will not consider your job to be finished until you are happy with everything.  

What do we do about defect items upon completion?

As we progress though the project we make a list with you of any tasks that are not quite finished to ensure they are not missed, Complying with contract conditions generally of 14 weeks to complete all defects.

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